Furoshiki Koi Pond


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Furoshiki Koi Pond

Furoshiki Koi pond is a traditional Japanese cloth used for wrapping gifts or for a beautiful decorative wall hanging. And This multipurpose furoshiki features Koi fish in a fish pond with silver sakura pedals embellished with gold waves. In addition, in Japan, Koi are a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, luck and the Japanese believe that Koi also represent spirituality, wisdom, loyalty and longevity because they live a very long time. Additionally a Koi can live 100-200 years. Made in Japan.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cloth is 19.5″ in width and 20″ in length
  • Made in Japan

A plastic rod (22 1/2″ long) with a cord for hanging can be purchased separately HERE.

Made in Japan

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