Copper Rain Chain Basin Bowl



Copper Rain Chain Basin Bowl

Exquisitely crafted of heavy gauge copper, this Hammered Copper Rain Chain Basin Bowl features hand hammered with a smooth rolled edge. This multi-functional basin adds a lovely addition to any garden or patio. Place a few water plants to create a peaceful water garden or add our 18″ Bamboo Koi Fish Fountain Kit for use as a fountain! Perfect for use under any of our copper rain chains.

  • 21″ in diameter
  • 4 3/4″ depth
  • Made of hand hammered copper


Additional information

Weight 12 lbs

2 reviews for Copper Rain Chain Basin Bowl

  1. Leigh Ann

    The Copper bowl reflects light to beautifully! I am using it as the basin for my fountain. Between the light and the water the bowl almost seems to glow. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Judy Menacker

    I am hoping the birds will enjoy using it as a bird bath. If not, it will be incorporated into the Zen garden. This piece is large but lightweight. Unrelated to this, I previously purchased a kimono and yukata, both garments are very nice material. Thank you Anita!!

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