Colored Silk Wedding Hand Fans




Colored Silk Wedding Hand Fans

Our Colored Silk Wedding Hand Fans is made with cut pieces of real bamboo and colored silk. So perfect and unique for virtually any occasion on or event including wedding, birthday, family reunion, baby shower, and prom. All your guests will keep them long after the special event is over. You can have them personalized with your name (see personalized fans). Our silk fans are made of premium material to last. Use as a whimsical room decoration or take it with you on hot summer days.

Dimensions: 9″ x 15.5″ when opened
Material: colored silk, bamboo

Additional information

Weight 0.1 lbs

Green, Ivory, Pink, Yellow, White, Black, Orange, Turquoise, Purple

2 reviews for Colored Silk Wedding Hand Fans

  1. AV

    The product was just what I wanted but the customer service far exceeded expectations. They took initiative to make sure everything was perfect with my order down to shipping charges. I highly recommend!

  2. Nan Ross

    I ordered silk folding fans and received paper fans. I contacted costumer service and it was immediately corrected. I have bought silk fans from Japanese Style and knew I would receive a good quality product, I now know the customer service is of a equal quality .

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