Bamboo Rocking Fountain Kit


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Bamboo Rocking Fountain Kit


Set this popular Bamboo Rocking Fountain on the edge of a bowl or small water basin. In addition this fountain is a smaller version of a deer chaser or “shishi odoshi” that was originally designed to scare away deer. Besides the spout fills with water and rocks forward to empty. Additionally the bamboo adds a unique Asian feel. Finally the combination of movement along with the sound of water makes it a captivating water feature.

  • Split- resistant natural bamboo.
  • Bamboo fountain is 16″L x 5″W x 7 ½”H
  • Includes tubing for easy pump hookup.
  • Submersible pump with 6 ft. included.
  • Fountain Pump is 2″L x 1 ½”W x 1 ¼”H
  • Fits basin 16″ to 20″. (Basin is not included)


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Weight 3.6 lbs

2 reviews for Bamboo Rocking Fountain Kit

  1. Debi Fontenot (store manager)

    Excellent shopping experience, fast shipping and the fountain is everything that I was wanting… will be ordering again!! Need one on my front porch now!!

  2. JEAN LAMBERT (store manager)

    the assembly needs additional adjustment, as is, it is loose on the base, the holes on the base are larger than the legs. Otherwise it is okay.

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