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20 Rocking Bamboo Fountain Kit

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The Shishi Odoshi Deer Chaser was originally developed by Japanese farmers to scare off deer and boar. By Bamboo Accents.

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20 Rocking Bamboo Fountain Kit


Limited Supply: The 20 Rocking Bamboo Fountain Kit is 50% off because they have cracks and scaring. No refunds or returns. This product does not qualify for free shipping.
First this is our largest Rocking Fountain. This is the closest to the scale traditionally used in Japanese gardens. Now the fountain comes with a stronger pump.

The Rocking Fountain, deer-scarer, or shi-shi-o-do-shi was originally designed to scare away deer and wild boar. Additionally the spout fills with water and rocks forward to empty, then rocks back to make a gentle clacking sound. Besides this combination of movement along with the sound of water and the clacking bamboo combine to create a captivating water feature. Further bamboo is a perfectly imperfect material to work with. Finally each fountain will vary in appearance and may include blemishes as part of what makes bamboo such an incredibly beautiful plant.

Includes electric submersible pump and tubing.


Material: insect treated bamboo
Manufacturer: Bamboo Accents

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Weight 7 lbs


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