Parasols Umbrellas

Shade yourself with a beautiful parasol or umbrella. Additionally our nylon and paper parasols will add a touch of Japanese style to your event.

Having an outdoor wedding or event? Further paper parasols make function and unique wedding favors. Besides protect your guests from the sun while giving them a unique gift to remember.

Our paper parasols come in many colors and designs. In additionally some of our more popular parasol designs include cherry blossom, birds and kanji symbols. You can match the color of your parasol to your event.

Japanese Parasols Umbrellas also are perfect for wedding parties. Brides and bridesmaids look beautiful carrying a paper parasol and they help add a touch of Japanese flair to your event.
Choose from our large selection of paper parasols in a wide variety of colors. These parasols are perfect for events and pair perfectly with your kimono robe for festivals. Our quality paper parasols are handmade and feature a long bamboo handle.

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