Mt. Fuji Japanese Large Furoshiki


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Mt. Fuji Japanese Large Furoshiki

Mt. Fuji Japanese Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used for wrapping gifts or as a decorative wall hanging. Additionally this multipurpose Furoshiki features Mt Fuji painting by a famous woodblock print by a Japanese artist named Hokusai called “The Red Fuji”. In addition this furoshiki is made from Chirimen fabric. In fact Chirimen fabric was developed in the 16th century to give the fabric a sophisticated look. Moreover By creating a tighter weave it creates fine wrinkles with a soft texture. This is large size furoshiki. Finally Buy the rod and make it an absolutely stunning wall hanging for home or office! Makes a great gift!

  • 100% Rayon
  • Cloth is 26.5″ in width and 27″ in length

A plastic rod (22 1/2″ long) with a cord for hanging can be purchased separately HERE.

Made in Japan

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