Our Futons, Shiki and Kake are made to order and manufactured to traditional Japanese specifications in America. Available in five sizes with 3″ thickness for firm support or 4″ for comfort. Besides these futons are only find able through us. Plus we import our fabric direct from Japan. Thus let our items create the perfect eastern environment in your life. Also this makes the perfect gift for any person who enjoys an eastern style. Finally the perfect item to complete any room. Don’t overlook these folding couches or else you’ll be missing the perfect keystone piece to any Asian gift set.

  • Japanese Style Shikifutons


    ​Made of 100% cotton and to traditional Japanese design, our Shikifutons are manufactured without foam, wool or inner springs.The outside fabric is a strong cotton weave that will last for decades. Easily store your futon by folding it into thirds as shown.