Imported from Japan, our authentic kimonos and komons are perfect for special events or celebrations. and as gifts for friends and family. We carry a wide selection of cotton and synthetic kimonos come in a variety of colors and patterns. Besides including beautiful floral patterns, vivid colors, and intricate artwork of Japanese mythology, architecture, and wildlife. From the simplest wear-about-town garment to ultra-formal wedding attire, we have a komons for any person and any occasion! A Kimono is a formal wear clothing a Komon is a casual wear. Additionally this item adds a great exotic Japanese flair! Plus this makes the perfect gift for any relative who enjoys an eastern style. Besides this item will make you the envy of any guest you show this off too. Finally the perfect item to complete any Japanese style

All our kimonos are made from Japanese cotton, cotton sateen, rayon, or polyester. Which provide a shiny sheen and lightweight, cool, breathable texture. Many also have butterfly sleeves. We also carry the undergarments, belts, and shoes that are traditionally paired with kimonos and komon in Japan, so you can choose an entire outfit all at once! Thus let our items create the perfect eastern environment in your life. Present your world with an Asian flair from this item.