• White & Navy Chain Happi Coat


    Made in Japan, this Dragon & Bamboo Happi Coat features a dark navy blue dragon and bamboo design on a white background. Our authentic Japanese Happi coat has one front pocket and includes a matching belt.

  • Embroidered Dragon Cloud Happi Coat


    This Dragon Happi Coat is detailed with shimmering gold, silver, and red embroidery. It features a dragon and lightning design on the front of the robe, and another embroidered dragon featured down the entire back of the Kimono.

  • Japanese King Chess Pieces Happi Coat


    Made in Japan, this Happi Coat has the Japanese King Chess Piece or Game of Generals is know as Shogi (将棋 shōgi). The design features a White Kanji chess letter on a navy and white background with interlocking designs. This is a must have for any chess player.