Yukata 56 Circle Flowers Lavender



Yukata 56 Circle Flowers Lavender

The Yukata 56 Circle Flowers Lavender has traditional Japanese flowers with gold accents. The circles of flowers create a unique Japanese patterns with flowers. These patterns include “Seigaiha” ocean waves, and “Shibori” small dot pattern. Our Yukata with gold accents, patterns, and flowers will stand out at any festival. Light weight enough to wear around the house and keep cool at any festival. Add a matching Obi belt to complete your outfit along with tabi socks and geta. Butterfly sleeves. Soft fabric, light weight and a good size. Made in Japan.

  • 56″ in length, 50″ sleeve to sleeve, 24″ from shoulder to shoulder, 60″ Hem to Hem
  • 100% Cotton (Shrink Resistant Finish)
  • Belt included
  • Made in Japan

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Weight 1 lbs


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