Tatami Mat Kit 9×9


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Tatami Mat Kit 9×9

Our 9’x9′ tatami mat kit is perfect for creating an authentic Japanese style room or area of your home for meditation or for ceremonies on special occasions. Originally designed and constructed as flooring in Japanese homes, Tatami Mats have a special place within Japanese homes, tea ceremony room, living/sleeping room, and Dojos just to name a few places that needs a Tatami Room. The Tatami mat is a perfect flooring to sleep on with your Japanese Style futon. New Tatami mats will be have a green fresh grass color and will fade into a beautiful golden yellow color.

  • 9′ x 9′ completely assembled
  • 4 – 70 7/8″ L x 35 3/8″ W (6’x3′) (66 lbs each)
  • 1 – 35.44″L x 35.44″W (3’x3′) (34 lbs each)
  • Fiberboard and rush grass material

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Weight100 lbs


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