Steel Sakura Chopsticks 5 Pack



Steel Sakura Chopsticks 5 Pack

Our 5 pack of Stainless Steel Sakura Chopsticks decorate themsleves with a cherry blossom and butterfly design on the top of each chopstick and seven grooves notched around the tapered tips. These chopsticks are very durable for everyday use, yet elegant for a wedding, party, or special event take home favor!

  • 5 pairs of chopsticks per pack
  • Each pair of chopsticks is 9″ in length

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Weight 0.2 lbs

2 reviews for Steel Sakura Chopsticks 5 Pack

  1. James Webster

    These are high quality and the image is beautiful. They would make great gifts or wedding/party favors.

  2. Frank

    Got these as a wedding gift for my sis. Very happy with it

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