Japanese Takoyaki Grill Pan



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This sturdy cast iron grill pan will help you to make perfect takoyaki. Takoyaki grill pans are found in almost every Japanese home.


Japanese Takoyaki Grill Pan

This sturdy Japanese Takoyaki Grill Pan will help you make excellent food. These are common in Japanese homes. This savory Japanese dish is made by pouring a batter into the pan’s cups and adding octopus. Next, add red ginger, and green onion – continue grilling until round and brown. With a wooden handle and playful octopus molded into the pan, this pan provides an enjoyable way to prepare this traditional snack.

  • Makes up to 12 pieces of takoyaki at a time, each measuring about 1 3/4″ across
  • Pan is 7 3/8″ in width and 9″ in length with a 5 1/4″ handle

Made in Japan

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