Oribe Granite Lantern


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Oribe Granite Lantern

First produced in the Momyana period by warlord Furuta Oribe, Oribe Granite Lanterns are among the oldest Japanese garden lanterns known. The stone lantern is a classic representation of a “planted” lantern style, due to its lack of base at the bottom. Additionally The Oribe Lantern has a carved Buddha at the base of the lantern and often thought of it to be that of a praying missionary, thus sometimes it is referred to as the “Christian” lantern. In addition The light box has two wooden windows, one on the front and on the back. In fact There is a sun on the left side of the lightbox and a moon on the right side. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical, and includes 5 separately hand carved pieces. Available in 4 sizes.

  • Made of hand carved granite
  • 30″H X 10″W, 200 pounds
  • 36″H X 14″W, 240 pounds
  • 48″H X 18″W, 360 pounds
  • 60″H X 22″W, 670 pounds

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Weight 670 lbs


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