Koi Chopstick Set 5 Pairs



Koi Chopstick Set 5 Pairs

These Koi Chopstick Set 5 Pairs are made in Japan. Also In Japan, Koi are a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and luck. And the Japanese believe that Koi also represent spirituality, wisdom, loyalty and longevity, because they live a very long time. Additionally a Koi can live 100-200 years. Plus the Koi also symbolizes strength because they are know for swimming up streams and waterfall. In addition the legend is a Koi climbed a steep waterfall into the sky to become a dragon which symbolizes transformation through hard word and perseverance. Besides these beautiful koi chopsticks make the perfect gift for any occasions. Finally this set of 5 chopstick pairs features a pair of black, dark red, light blue, orange, and dark green chopsticks.

  • 9″ L
  • 5 pairs in plastic

Made in Japan

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Weight0.2 lbs

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