Koi Fish Chopstick Set 5 Pack


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Koi Fish Chopstick Set 5 Pack

These Koi Fish Chopstick Set 5 Packs are made in Japan. In Japan, Koi are a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and luck. The Japanese believe that Koi also represent spirituality, wisdom, loyalty, and longevity because they live a very long time – a Koi can live 100-200 years. The Koi also symbolizes strength because they are known for swimming up streams and waterfall. Legend has it that a Koi climbed a steep waterfall into the sky to become a dragon which symbolizes transformation through hard work and perseverance. These beautiful koi chopsticks make the perfect gift for any occasion. This set of 5 chopstick pairs features a pair of black, dark red, light blue, orange, and dark green chopsticks.

  • 9″ L
  • 5 pairs in plastic

Made in Japan

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3 reviews for Koi Fish Chopstick Set 5 Pack

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Tami S. (verified owner)

    Exactly as pictured! We love our new chopsticks!

  3. Rodrick Hawkins (verified owner)

    Excellent service. They didn’t have these in stock when I ordered. They offered a refund or a replacement. Went with a replacement and they sent my replacement and what I ordered as soon as it was in stock.

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