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King Size Japanese Tatami Mat

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Authentic Japanese Tatami Mats is a flooring material used for Japanese Style rooms. They were originally a luxury item used by Samurai and Nobel. Our Tatami (畳) Mats are made of the best quality material starting with a double layer of Japanese Rush Grass (藺草 igusa) which adds extra strength and protection.

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King Size Japanese Tatami Mat

  • 100% natural rice straw King Tatami Mat.
  • New tatami mats should be kind of green fresh grass color. However, after time, the green color will fade into a golden yellow color.
  • 80″ long by 38″ wide. 2″ high x 2 mats, which make it 76″ wide
  • Two Tatami mat will make a king-size mat (price is for two mats)
  • Weighs approximately 75 lbs.

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Weight 75 lbs


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