Kimono Tombo Dragonfly Red



Kimono Tombo Dragonfly Red

The traditional symbolism and meaning of the dragonfly on the Kimono Tombo Dragonfly Red in the Japanese culture reflects maturity, depth of character, poise and power. Our beautiful red dragonfly design kimono is hard to find and is only found here within the US. Worn at ceremonies and festivals, you will stand out wearing this very unique and authentic dragonfly design. Additionally the manufacturers made this kimono from 100% finely woven Japanese cotton. Besides the beautiful material composing this kimono is completely Cotton-Sateen. Plus this authentic Kimono, made in Japan including a matching belt. In addition you can wash this Kimono in any normal machine. Thus no need for hand washing or other bothers!

  • 55″ in length, 53″ sleeve to sleeve and 24″ from shoulder to shoulder seam
  • Cotton
  • Belt included
  • Made in Japan

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Weight 1 lbs


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