Kimono 56 Poem Princess Pink



Kimono 56 Poem Princess Pink

This beautiful Pink Kimono has extra long sleeve with an old Japanese poem and a young Japanese Princess. This is a very hard to find Kimono with long sleeves (28″- 29″ long). A more formal and elegant look. A darker richer color than the picture. Furthermore translating the poem. “I went out to the spring field and picked young greens for you and it snowed on my sleeves softly. Outside is still cold with snow but I will go and find a spring flower for you.” Next  we make the Kimono from 100% finely woven Japanese cotton. Besides the beautiful material is what people call Cotton-Sateen, softer than normal cotton giving the fabric a lustrous sheen. Finally the authentic Kimono made in Japan and includes a matching belt. Lastly this Kimono can be worn to Japanese festivals, special events, weddings, tea ceremony, and even around the house as an elegant robe.

  • 56″ – 57″ in length, 25″ shoulder seam to shoulder seam, 51″ sleeve to sleeve, 60″ hem to hem, sleeve length 28″ – 29″ long
  • 100% Cotton Sateen (premium cotton), softer and a lustrous sheen
  • Made in Japan

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