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Goza Mat



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Goza Mat

Traditional Goza mats provide a unique and sensuous floor covering, or a unique table or bench cover. Additionally In the Japanese home, tatami mats are used as a surface for sitting, sleeping and walking on. In addition Tatami mats consist of two separate layers – the bottom straw core and the beautiful top layer of soft reed edged with a cloth. The top layer is called “goza mat”. Goza is the decorative top layer mat of the tatami which create the pattern and add the attractiveness of the tatami mat. It is the goza that is seen and most people are familiar with. Goza mats are also very popular in Japan as beach mats and coverings for benches.

Our beautiful Japanese goza mats can easily be used in any home to create the “tatami-like” atmosphere with ease. We offer only quality “fresh” made goza mats; thus the color of the reed is green when received. With time, exposed to air, the mats will turn to a beautiful golden beige color as shown in the picture. Goza also make attractive “throw” rugs for entryways, kitchens, under coffee tables, placed at the foot of beds, and even used in the garden veranda.

  • Measures 3′ by 6′
  • Approximately 1/8″ in thickness
  • Attractive black cloth border on all sides
  • One mat per quantity shipped


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Weight 5 lbs


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