Furoshiki Koi


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Furoshiki Koi

Furoshiki Koi is a traditional Japanese cloth used for wrapping gifts or for a decorative wall hanging. And This multipurpose Furoshiki features Koi fish symbols of wealth. In addition In Japan, Koi are a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, luck and the Japanese believe that Koi also represent spirituality, wisdom, loyalty and longevity because they live a very long time. Additionally A Koi can live 100-200 years. The Koi also symbolizes strength because they are know for swimming up streams and waterfall. In fact The legend is a Koi climbed a steep waterfall into the sky to become a dragon which symbolizes transformation through hard word and perseverance. They are also beautiful as a wall hanging.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cloth is 19.5″ in width and 20″ in length

A plastic rod (22 1/2″ long) with a cord for hanging can be purchased separately HERE.

Made in Japan

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2 reviews for Furoshiki Koi

  1. Jeff R. 

    The package with the furoshiki and other items arrived quickly. The colors of the fish and the design are fabulous. Thank you for having such a wonderful site to peruse–the items are so reasonable for me to purchase. This furoshiki is perfect for small items I plan to send for Valentine’s Day.

  2. CMSNM

    We have a lot of koi themed items and this furoshiki is a great small replacement for the hanging screen that is too large for our new house. Quality is nice.

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