Dancing Cranes Garden Statue



      • Dancing Cranes Garden Statue
    Our Dancing Cranes Garden Statue is a perfect addition for your outdoor or indoor space. Japan has long revered cranes for their good fortune of love and longevity.

  • 32”H 33.5”W 19”D
  • Material: Aluminum


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Weight 14.6 lbs

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  1. James Horn

    Siberian cranes are commonly resident in the DMZ and it’s surroundings between North and South Korea. These iconic birds are highly regarded by east Asians as symbols of longevity, nobility and happiness. Here in New Mexico sandhill cranes are also highly regarded, and they winter in the thousands at Bosque del Apache. My parents, my wife and I once witnessed a misty, orange glowing dawn in October with thousands of cranes taking off for their feeding grounds. This dancing cranes statue gracefully depicts these traditions and experienes with beauty. A wonderful addition that brings a touch of East Asia and the Bosque into our Korean garden.

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