2019 Japanese Year of the Boar Charm



2019 Japanese Year of the Boar Charm

2019 is the year of the Boar! Celebrate with the 2019 Japanese Year of the Boar Charm. The Boar represents someone who is courageous, sincere, and honest. Boars are gifted with great endurance and work patiently on tasks while always being on time. Boars also love to party and socialize. Don’t be seen without your 2019 Year of the Boar Charm to attract conversation and new friendships.

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7 reviews for 2019 Japanese Year of the Boar Charm

  1. Airen Sapp

    Got this for my mom. Very nice.

  2. Ellen

    All the items are of good quality, and I appreciated the extra assistance from the employee who packed it for me. Everyone has enjoyed the little gifts (charms, talismans).

  3. Jackie Williams 

    This is very special. Glad I found it.

  4. Nancy Bainter

    Nice surprise the artistic shape & style are fabulous!

  5. M. Simpson

    I gave these out with my new year greetings, and they were loved by all. All the recipients have kept them displayed, so I see them as I walk down the corridors of my office building and when I visit relatives. They are very cute and cheery and are nice remembrances of the new year. Would also make a nice birth gift.

  6. jackie williams (verified owner)

    Received these yesterday and I love them

  7. Judy Warren (verified owner)

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