Noren and Furoshiki

Noren and Furoshiki date back to Heian Period (794-1185) to keep the protect the home from outside elements and used to protect produce or goods outside the shops. Additionally all Japanese houses used norens to block the wind, dust, noise, cold, heat from coming into the home. Besides they kept the houses warm or cool depending on the seasons. Further norens are typically used in doorways and windows. The have a slit in the middle from the bottom to almost the top. This makes it easier to go through and look out. Later, shops started using Norens to decorate the entrance of their shops. Many owners would design their own logo or art so customers would know what they are selling. Norens are also beautiful form of art to hang on wall. Many Japanese restaurants in hang these beautiful works of art. Decorate your walls, doorway, closet, or window with an ornate Japanese Noren. Our unique oriental artwork will stand out in your home and add some Japanese flair.

Furoshiki is a cloth used to wrap anything from presents to bento boxes to take to work. Furoshiki have been around since ancient times. It is like a re-usable bag at the grocery store. This is a very environmentally conscious way to reduce paper and plastic bags. They are also so beautiful that you can hang them on your wall as a piece of art.

Our decor items are perfect for your home or office. Our wall Noren and Furoshiki add a touch of Japan to any home or office.

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