Tatami Mats are a flooring material used for Japanese Style rooms. Additionally they were originally a luxury item used by Samurai and Nobel. They are also a key component of our Tatami Bed Frames, which are designed to receive these traditionally dimension mats. Our authentic Tatami Mats will add character and beauty to your home. Additionally create a relaxing, zen-like environment with our beautiful traditional furniture that fits in any home. In fact these make the perfect gift for someone who is a fan of Japanese architecture. Everyone loves to update their favorite space with stunning accessories. Decor to enlighten and complete your Asian themed home or office.

Moreover most people come to appreciate the beauty and love the hard work shown in our mats. Use our products to fill your home for a zen look, or to create your own Japanese themed party. Also this traditional item is very popular in Japan, giving you a taste of the islands culture and feel. Finally the perfect item to complete any Japanese style.

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