Vintage Kimonos

Traditional Vintage Kimonos have a look that is beautiful in the fashion world. Additionally they show historical and artistic techniques from thousands of years. They are made from silk. In fact this is a practice that stopped around World War II caused by silk shortages. Moreover disasters hurt the silk industry and forced a switch to cotton. Traditional silk kimonos are worn throughout Japan to events, and their style and artistic design never go out of fashion. With our silk kimonos, you can own a part of Japanese history for yourself! All of these Traditional Vintage Kimonos are imported from Japan. Finally We made sure these make gifts for anyone.

Browse our listings and feel free to contact us if you have any questions while choosing a vintage kimono for your authentic Japanese clothing collection!

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Sale! Vintage Japanese Kimono Smoky Olive Komon Tortoise-shell Hexagonal Pattern

Vintage Smoky Olive Komon Kimono

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Sale! Light Orange Vintage Iromuji Kimono

Vintage Light Orange Iromuji Kimono

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