• White & Navy Chain Happi Coat


    Made in Japan, this Dragon & Bamboo Happi Coat features a dark navy blue dragon and bamboo design on a white background. Our authentic Japanese Happi coat has one front pocket and includes a matching belt.

  • Japanese King Chess Pieces Happi Coat


    Made in Japan, this Happi Coat has the Japanese King Chess Piece or Game of Generals is know as Shogi (将棋 shōgi). The design features a White Kanji chess letter on a navy and white background with interlocking designs. This is a must have for any chess player.

  • Sakura Silk Hand Fan 10 Pack


    Our Cherry Blossom silk wedding fan is made with elegantly cut pieces of real bamboo tied together with fine silk. This fan is sure to be one that no one will forget due to its beautiful design.

  • Colored Silk Wedding Hand Fans


    Our silk folding handheld fans can be ordered in a variety of colors. Choose from black, fuchsia, green, ivory, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, white and yellow. Great for wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday, and special events.

  • Colored Paper Paddle Fans – Uchiwa


    These colored paper “uchiwa” hand fans come in a variety of available colors including yellow, white, turquoise, red, purple, pink, orange, lime green, fuchsia and beige. Great for wedding, birthday or any occasion.

  • Colored Wood Folding Hand Fans


    Our wooden folding hand fans are available in fuchsia, white, black, pink, red, yellow, ivory, blue, turquoise and purple colors to match your unique wedding style, birthdays, event or special occasion.

  • Children’s Panda Tai Chi T-Shirt


    Twenty four different Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) stances with pandas is printed on the front of the t-shirt. Tai Chi is a Chinese fighting style. Tai Chi is taught all over the world including Japan. This t-shirt is sure to teach you some new moves.

  • Dragon Tiger Men’s Kimono


    Our Dragon Tiger men’s Kimono features dragons and tigers with beautiful gold details on a black background.