Gift Ideas: Japanese T-Shirts

Are you thinking of great Japanese T shirt gifts for birthdays or events? Or maybe a good token of gratitude for a friend? If so, you might want to consider simple yet meaningful shirts as gifts from Japanese Style.

Deeply rooted in their rich history and culture, Japan is a country filled with various beliefs and practices . Because of the unique and rich cultural traditions that they continue to practice today, Japan has become one of the best countries to explore, embrace and learn from. It is not only the country and the culture itself that’s enchanting, but also the people’s thoughts and ideas.

They have made great strides in technology, media and more. They are capable of telling wonderful stories that capture life lessons while still complementing their very own culture. The Japanese culture, practices and traditions are very important in Japan. Japan is good in touching the hearts and the lives of others, so much so that the country attracts thousands of tourists and enthusiasts around the world.

Lucky Kitty Japanese T shirt

Japanese Style would like to further honor this great Japanese culture by offering wonderful Japanese items all inspired by the symbols, influences and elements of Japanese living and tradition. Our Japanese t-shirts are of no exception to these products as we always strive to create shirts with deep, intricate and artistic designs that truly showcase Japanese culture, symbolism and art.

Japanese Style currently offers four beautiful shirt designs to choose from.
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Dragon design t-shirts

Japanese dragons has been considered legendary creatures in old and historic Japanese mythology and folklore. While Japanese dragons are purely inspired by the influence of Chinese culture, Japanese dragons are different as they are seen more as water deities responsible for rainfall and other bodies of water.

Koi design

A pair of Koi fish in Japan symbolizes harmony. Our design features two Koi fishes colored red and metallic gold respectively. The back of the shirt also features the pair.

Yukimori design t-shirts

This t-shirt design incorporates one of the many artworks of Taiso Yoshitoshi. The print is a woodblock entitled “Yamanaka Shikanosuke Yukimori.” Yamanaka Yukimori was a famous Japanese Samurai during the Sengoku period. Who served the Amako clan of the Izumo Province. In our shirt design, it features the image of this famous samurai praying before he duels with Shinagawa Daisen in 1565.

Kanji design

Kanji is Japan’s writing system adopted from logographic Chinese characters. For this shirt design, we used the kanji symbol for energy. This is an excellent choice for those who prefer a simple, minimalistic yet meaningful design that showcases their love and deep interest in Japanese culture.

These are just the first few t-shirt designs we have designed and made for our store. Gradually, we will continue to add more unique and interesting Japanese inspired designs for our customers.

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